Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

Do you suspect that you’re getting sick in your house or office, than this is possibly because of present mold. Mold in buildings product toxic substances (mycotoxins) which are harmful for your health. Keeping a house dry and ventilating minimally is therefore absolutely necessary.

This is proven by diverse studies which have examined the indoor air in buildings. The researchers discovered that some mold emit carcinogenic substances.

Longer is known that the ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ (SBS) can cause vague symptoms like irritation of the nose and eye mucous membrane, headache, dermatitis, listlessness and other conditions.

Mold growth

These symptoms are due to the stay in a building with bad air quality and are often associated with mold growth.

Until now there are however no obvious causes known of the syndrome. As opposed to building-related illnesses.

Moisture in buildings is connected to respiratory disorders. Mites would be a part of in but also mold, yeasts and bacteria.


Mold produces mycotoxins or mold toxins. These are very toxic substances which can cause infections, allergies and even cancer.

Ventilation systems can harbour hidden contaminations which could have severely harmful influences. Cleaning and maintaining the ventilation channels is sometimes neglected.

A contact sample from the inside of a ventilation channel can already give an indication of a possible contamination.

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