We investigate and analyse your problem on-site at a rate of € 95 per hour starting from the beginning of the investigation. On average a first visit takes about 1 – 1,5 hours.

If required a professional report can be made at € 95 per hour. On average this takes 1 – 2 hours.
However, this depends on the situation.

The travel costs are € 0,95 per travelled kilometre. Find an expert in your area here.

A minimum of one hour will always be charged.

The mentioned prices are exclusive 21% VAT.


Leak detection

For a thorough “forensic” leak detection of for example your supply and drain pipes and such we can give a prudent estimate of € 400 to € 800. This includes everything: the investigation, materials, travel and writing a report. This estimate is for regular houses. Bigger buildings or apartments need more work and will costs more.
Note: half an investigation is not an investigation. Keep in mind that useless repairs are much more expensive than a correct analyses.


The prices differ from problem to problem depending on the difficulty. If there is a blockage or a thorough cleaning of the drains needed, the price will obviously increase.

The mentioned prices are exclusive 21% VAT.


Do you want to organise an in-company training yourself? You can!
A training normally takes 6 hours. There are also training from 3 hours.

We only give digital training. This way a participant can joint from all around the world.

The cost for this is € 110 per hour.

The mentioned prices are exclusive 21% VAT.


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