A new manual 2.0 with 384 pages for if you want to know everything about moisture problems, including a free tear meter. This book reveals all secrets in the scientific investigation to moisture. A necessary manual to build passive and renovate energy neutral problem-free. The newest version of this manual is “Moisture control before 2021”.

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Europe wants all buildings to be energy neutral before 2020. This is not that far and arrives faster than we think. More and more builders and renovators are aware of this and build today according to the goals of 2020. In terms of insulation most people follow, bus in terms of moisture control a lot still needs to be done to make everyone aware of the energy loss that comes along with it. Moisture transport and vapour transport simply are energy consumers, which are not or little brought to the attention. Because of the vapour pressure difference inside and outside the house, buildings do not only have to be energy neutrally insulated before 2020, but also be finished vapour proof. the details are very important with this. And when 19 out of 20 moisture analysis are wrong, we have to think further. The newest version of this manual is “Moisture control before 2021”.

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