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In this manual we make a comparing study specifically targeted to this audience. The training goes much further where you’ll have the opportunity to discuss specific cases. Moisture migration in an apartment has construction physical consequences, which can cause permanent damage to other occupants or properties. We get deeper into this so you can take measurement, together with the other owners, to resolve the problems once and for all or to prevent it. How do you manage an apartment and how do you renovate an apartment building energy neutral? What do you have to know for a new building project? This and much more you’ll get to know with this manual.

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If you live in an apartment, studio, maisonette, 1 person apartment, luxurious apartment or loft has little to no influence to the multi-disciplinary study described in this manual.

What is the influence of occupant behaviour in apartments on the share of the posed moisture and mold problems? If you have to deal with damage in your apartment, studio or loft this can be cause by third parties. Are you liable, are you insured or are the co-occupants liable? How do you best handle this?

How do you mange your properties correctly? What if damage occurs?
How can your property have moisture, mold and condensation problems if you are not present?

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