Rental with condensation in children’s roomCondensation and mould

Excessive moisture in house can effect your health. Mould can have a direct influence on the breathing organs.

Occupant behaviour is never the cause of a moisture problem. Do not get misguided.


A tenant has a problem with condensations and mould on the walls and ceiling of the bedrooms. There has been an investigation already by an expert send by the insurance company of the tenant. Their conclusion: occupant behaviour. The tenant would not ventilate enough and cause the condensation himself.


The tenant could not agree with this because the windows are open constantly. With a thorough forensic investigation from Humida the following was determined.

smoke gas test on terraceA smoke gas test is executed on the roofing of the terrace. Smoke comes out on different spots.




smoke out wallThe ducts of the rain pipes and gargoyle are open. Because of this there is water infiltration into the cavity wall. This is visible on the outer wall of the bedroom.



wet crawl spacesThe crawling spaces are very wet.


Condens slaat tegen dakrand

Both the cellar walls and the floor slabs are very wet and there is no ventilation in the cellar. Because of the increased vapour pressure in the crawling space, the humid air rises into the cavity wall and condensates against the wall beam of the roof which lays on this cavity wall, at the height of the bedroom walls. This is why the wall and the ceiling are wet just under the eave and that there is mould. Both in the front and the back of the apartment.

The tenant has got all the costs reimbursed from his insurance company.

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